Bear Lake Area Attractions

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Located on the north end of Bear Lake. The refuge is home to large numbers of Canadian geese, ducks of many species, Ibis, Sandhill Cranes, Avocet, and many other birds. There are 17 acres of marsh, open water and grasslands. Observation sites are available on a motor tour route. Walking trails are also available. Mosquitoes are plentiful. The refuge can be accessed from Paris or from Highway 89 between Ovid and Montpelier. 

Bloomington Lake
The small glacial lake is placed in a spectacular setting of cliffs and waterfalls. The mountain flowers and rugged scenery surrounding the lake are part of its attractions. The Bloomington Canyon road leading to the lake area is very rough. Those who wish to visit the lake are advised to use a truck.


Minnetonka Cave (info 208-945-2407) Located 9 miles up St. Charles, Idaho. Open for tours daily, the cave provides entertainment and education. Among its features are large rooms and caverns, stalagmites, stalactites and other cave formations. Tours are provided daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Be prepared for over 400 steps going up and down. Jackets and sturdy shoes are recommended.
Paris Ice Caves, where caverns contain ice all summer long, but are accessible generally by the middle of July. Located in Pairs Canyon, Idaho.

Charles C. Rich Memorial
Paris Tabernacle grounds. Charles C. Rich was sent by Brigham Young to settle the Bear Lake Valley. He settled in Paris, Idaho because Native Americans occupied the south shore.

Fish Ladder
A structure on the north end of Bear Lake enables spawning fish from Bear Lake to travel up Big St. Charles Creek to spawning grounds.

Garden City Boardwalk
At the City Park in the middle of Garden City, Utah. Enjoy a walk through the wetland area on a boardwalk above it all. Sometimes wildlife and different species of birds are seen. The quiet walk ends up right on the beach of beautiful Bear Lake. Enjoy a picnic while you relax and watch the activity on the lake.

Gutzon Borgholm Monument
Located on the church grounds in St. Charles, Idaho, the monument commemorates the birth place of the famous sculptor who created the monumental presidential sculptures at the Black Hills.

Highland Trail
A 55 mile long National Recreation trail is accessible from many points within the Bear Lake area including Bloomington Canyon, Paris Canyon, Emigration Canyon, and Logan Canyon. It is open to hiking, horseback riding, motorbikes or mountain bikes. Spectacular scenic views from the trail can be seen in Cache Valley as well as Bear Lake Valley.

Lakeside Recreation
Summer Weekend Dances, or can be rented for family reunions (435) 946-2947

Montpelier Reservoir
Excellent fishing is available in the man made reservoir. No motorized boats are allowed. The earth filled dam is 62 feet high. It impounds 3,850 acre feet of water used for irrigation. the reservoir is north of Highway 89 in Montpelier, Idaho and Geneva, Idaho.

Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail crosses Bear Lake County from the border on the southeast to Soda Springs on the northwest. Although much of the trail is covered by paved roads, unpaved portions of the trail are visible parallel to Highway 30 north of Georgetown, Idaho. The Oregon Trail Rendezvous Pageant is held the Saturday before the 24th of July, in Montpelier. The Pageant offers Dutch oven dinner, musical entertainment, and dancing on the old Oregon Trail. National Oregon/California Trail Center (information 1-800-448-BEAR)
Travel back in time. Visit Peg Leg Smith's trading post, spend some time in a wagon train encampment at Clover Creek. Experience living history as real people become pioneers, mountain men, traders, heroes, and scoundrels. Located in Montpelier, Idaho at the junction of Highway 89 and Highway 30.

Paris Tabernacle
Built by Mormon Pioneers over 100 years ago, the tabernacle is constructed of sandstone. It contains fine wood work in all parts of the interior. Tours are conducted daily during the summer with frequent organ recitals. Located in the middle of the town of Paris, Idaho.

Paris Pioneer Museum
The Paris Pioneer Museum contains many historic items and photographs. It points the way to the large number of historic buildings in the community of Paris. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Pickleville Playhouse
Summer Theater and Western Cook-out-Usually you will need reservations. Call (435) 946-2918 or (435)753-1944. Open June through Labor Day.

Rails and Trails Museum
Celebrating the history of the Oregon Trail and other historic routes in the area, the museum also contains pioneer artifacts, many historic photographs, and items that recall the earliest settlers of Bear Lake Valley.

Raspberry Patches
Raspberry patches in Bear Lake Valley provide the fresh produce for wonderful fresh raspberry shakes, sundaes, and jams. Raspberry treats are available at most drive-ins around Bear Lake.

Rendezvous Rest Stop
Located on U.S. Highway 30 on the southwest corner. The rest stop was the site of early mountain men rendezvous held during the summers of 1826 and 1827.

Bear Lake Beach